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Consolidated Printing’s pre-press department utilizes a PDF/EPS workflow. Simply stated, every electronic file, regardless of application and platform, is “saved as” or, “exported” as a PDF or EPS prior to RIP.

While we support most popular desktop publishing software programs, designers will appreciate advantages by submitting PDF or EPS files.

Use of PDF workflow offers benefits:

  • The conversion process essentially “tests” the file. Since creating a PDF is similar to printing a file, problems can often be spotted before the file is sent to the print vendor. (Preflight tools in Adobe Acrobat/Distiller v6.0 or newer offer assurance the file has been created correctly. And, visual inspection of a newly created PDF can verify bleed margins, fonts, and embedded graphics by appearing correctly in view file).
  • PDF is a “complete” file. It is “all-inclusive”, as long as you embed fonts, graphics, and specifications necessary for printing. (Be sure to double-check all specs when creating your PDF. Don't forget marks and bleeds!)
  • A PDF file is a compressed file. Adobe PDF offers a variety of compression methods. The file will be substantially smaller than a collection of files in an application-based workflow.
  • Adobe PDF is a “common” platform that enables a standard across platforms for a variety of processes.
  • PDF (or EPS) files are prepared in the environment where the original application file was created. No need for the print vendor to try to recreate that environment thus avoiding font conflicts, missing links, and unexpected complications.

COMMON MISTAKES related to native application files which may delay (or incur additional cost), or stop delivery of project include:

  • Missing linked graphics
  • Missing linked text
  • Missing fonts
  • Page size
  • Unsupported file types
  • Low resolution images
  • Incorrect color modes (No RGB)
  • Hidden problems in linked files
    (fonts in embedded eps)
  • Unintended Spot Colors
  • Insufficient Bleed (allow 1/8")



  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • QuarkXpress (v6.5 or earlier)


  • MS Publisher
  • MS Word
  • Macromedia FreeHand
  • Adobe FreeHand

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